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Minutes from September 7, 2016

History Graduate Student Association

Meeting Minutes (for download)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
MVH 1101 (12:00-1:00pm)

Guest Speakers

  • Field Organizers from Grisham and Priem campaigns. –Grisham campaign had to reschedule. No word from Priem campaign.


  • President, Jennifer McPherson
  • Review of Fall Events –
    • In the fall semester, the HGSA will host or sponsor at least two events. As a group we will decide which events as we receive sponsor requests or as ideas come up
      • With events that may require HGSA funding, the graduate community MUST vote on the use of funds.
    • We will host the holiday party in December, date and location to TBD
    • We will host the History Anti-Hegemonic Association (HAHA) conference in the spring. More details regarding the event will be addressed later in the semester.
    • HGSA traditionally uses the portion of graduate fees we receive from GPSA to fund graduate research and travel grants. Discussion of fall and spring grant cycle to follow.
      • The grants are review by selected faculty members
      • HGSA will not receive the graduate student fees (PB funds) until the first week of November at the earliest
    • The HGSA will host a Happy Hour at least once a month. These are a great opportunity for students to come by, relax, chat, meet fellow students, and have fun!
    • Please visit the newly updated HGSA website for upcoming events, socials, deadlines, and announcements (http://hgsa.unm.edu)
    • Anyone know of scholarships/grants? Let us know and email us at hgsa@unm.edu
    • Not getting emails from HGSA? Email Jennifer McPherson, jmcphers@unm.edu and she will add you to the listserv.

      • Please “Like” the HGSA Facebook page so you can stay up-to-date about meetings, events, and lectures.
      • If you receive an award/scholarship/etc…please e-mail it to Michelle and she will post it to the HGSA and History department Facebook pages (michellemmartin@unm.edu)
      • PB Funds=grad student fees ~$350
      • Petty Cash in the department~$200
      • We need fundraising ideas! Another book sale? Have any other ideas? Please email Jennifer McPherson (jmcphers@unm.edu) or Stephanie Violette (sviolette@unm.edu)
      • We talked about possible ways to raise money for the department—mentioned possibly selling merchandise—like t-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, etc…
      • We need a design idea for tshirts—please email Stephanie, Jen, or Michelle with your design idea.
      • Fundraising ideas: sell merchandise, book sale, bake sale, possible department “yard sale?”
      • Possible donations from businesses? Run a raffle? For a raffle, the HGSA board will have to discuss the possibility with the Student Government Accounting Office due to tax filings.
      • GPSA approved agenda and minutes from previous meeting
      • A woman spoke about the new A.R.T. project—it will be going up around Redondo and the bookstore—may be disruptive. Planned to take about 2 years.
      • Action Items—approved committee chairs
      • GPSA Grant cycle now open!
        • Issue with how grants were decided—especially problems with history and English students getting grants—this is being looked into and addressed. We will send you more information as we receive it from GPSA.
        • Tip for applying for grants: Follow all of the rules exactly and explain how your research will affect the greater public.
  • Vice President, Michelle Martin
    • Happy Hour and Social Events
  • Treasurer, Stephanie Violette
    • Current Budget and PB Fund Disbursement
  • Secretary, Samantha Goodrich
    • Report of minutes
      • The minutes will be posted to the HGSA website following the meeting.
    • Weekly emails and sending announcements to you to send out. 
      • Weekly emails will be sent out on Monday. We will try to keep the emails to a minimum but if you hear of a last minute event or lecture, or have an announcement please notify one of the board members and we can send it out on the listserv.
  • GPSA Representative, Barbara Korbal
    • Council Report

New Business

  • Decide on Fall Grants
    • Voted and decided that we will move the fall grant cycle to spring due to the lateness of receiving the PB funds. The spring funds will be open for any research or travel conducted between August 1, 2016 thru July 31, 2017.
  • Ideas for HGSA events, workshops, etc.
    • Due to limited funds and the desire to allocate as much funding as possible to student grants the HGSA will limit its “funded” sponsorship and try to sponsor events in “name only” or through reserving university spaces for events and lectures.
    • We may try to sponsor a reception for one of the Colloquium lectures. Dr. Cahill is in charge of the Colloquium Series this year. The schedule is being put together now. Details to come.
      • We encourage students to also participate in the Colloquium series both through attendance and in work-shopping articles, chapters, essays, etc. with the department
    • If you have received a scholarship, grant, fellowship, or participated in a workshop that you would like the Department to announce in its newsletter, please email Candolin Cook (candolincook@gmail.com) with the details.
  • NEH Next Generation Humanities Grant announcement
    • In early August, the department along with the department of English, American Studies, and Linguistics was awarded an NEH Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant for 2016-2017.



  • Language Exam, September 8th
  • Dr. Carey's LAII lecture, September 9th (12pm, ZImmerman Library)
  • Dr. Kessell's lecture, September 9th (2:30pm, History Common Room)
  • NMHR Symposium, September 10th (9am-5pm, SUB Lobo A&B)
  • Meet n' Greet with T.J. Stiles, September 13th (10:30am-11:45am, History Common Room)
  • T.J. Stiles' lecture, September 13th (6pm, Kiva Auditorium)
  • Meet n' Greet with Gil Garcetti, September 15th (12:00-2:00pm, History Common Room)
  • Gil Garcetti's lecture, September 15th (5:30pm, George Pearl Hall Auditorium)
  • "Curiosities of New Mexico," September 27th (7pm-8:30pm, Bachechi Open Space)

Contact Us:

  • President: Jennifer McPherson—jmcphers@unm.edu
  • Vice President: Michelle Martin—michellemmartin@unm.edu
  • Secretary: Sam Goodrich—samgoodrich@unm.edu
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Violette—sviolette@unm.edu

Social Events

HGSA Happy Hours @ 4:30pm
May 5, Nob Hill Bar and Grill 

History Events

Monthly HGSA Meeting